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8 October 2023

The contractor undertaking the construction of the Quipolly Water Project is nearing completion of a challenging component of the project.

Work to install a new variable intake arrangement on the existing tower within Quipolly Dam is nearing completion. Installation was undertaken by specialist divers working in shifts to address issues of compression sickness. Dive operation is anticipated to be completed this week.

The new pipework was installed in two sections and required high accuracy and physically challenging work under water to get the inlets into correct locations.

This work replaces original 1950s infrastructure and enables better choices of water quality to be utilized at the varying depths in the dam.

Removal of redundant valves and components in the tower improves operator safety and operation. An additional penstock valve (hanging off the crane pictured) was installed to provide a backup for the 1950s 600mm drainage valve which was of unknown condition and couldn’t be operated safely.

Dredging of debris around the tower base also occurred as part of the work to improve water quality.

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