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Project Overview


The Quipolly Water Treatment Plant, and the Werris Creek and Quirindi Water Pipeline is the final stage of Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LPSC) long-term vision, known as the Regional Water Supply Strategy.


This Strategy was initiated to ensure a quality water supply for the region into the future.  
Council has worked closely with the Federal and State Governments to attract funding of $25 million for this project. It is estimated that the project will cost around $32.4 million with Council making a contribution of up to around $7.4 million to complete the project.  
This project will secure the Werris Creek water supply and provide options for the management of Quirindi water supply by constructing a state of the art water treatment plant near Quipolly Dam and a pipeline to Werris Creek and Quirindi. This partnership project will provide improved and consistent water quality with a secure system that meets the needs and growth of LPSC now and into the future. 
About the Project


The project is now in the construction phase.  Construction is currently identified to be completed in late 2023 although this time frame may change due to climatic conditions or other external effects beyond councils control, such as COVID supply issues.  Construction is likely to take up to two years. 
What construction is involved?


The construction of: -


  • A state of the art water treatment plant near Quipolly Dam.

  • A treated water pipeline from Quipolly Dam to Werris Creek and Quirindi.

  • A new water reservoir in Werris Creek.

  • Upgraded Dam Intake valves.

  • Destratification system in Quipolly Dam


The water treatment plant will be constructed near Quipolly Dam. The alignment of the pipeline will largely be constructed on public owned land.   
Who is funding the project? 


As previously noted Council has attracted funding of $15 million from the Federal Government, made up of Community Development Grant (CDG) fund and Building Better Regions (BBR) grant, and $10 million from the NSW Government (Safe and Secure Water Program) for this project.  Council will need to make a contribution of around $7.4 million, with the total cost of the project estimated to be $32.4 million.


Frequently Asked Questions  


Why are you constructing a pipeline from Quirindi to join the Werris Creek treated pipeline?
Council's aim is to vastly improve the Shire’s water security and quality, cater for future population growth and drought proof the area by connecting its water resources.  The connection of a pipeline from Quirindi to Werris Creek will provide diversification for both water supplies and an opportunity to better manage water resources and quality.

Why are you replacing the pipe from Quipolly Dam to Werris Creek and building a new treatment plant at Quipolly Dam?
The current pipe that runs from the dam carries raw untreated water to Werris Creek to be treated and was built at the start of the last century. The current treatment plant at Werris Creek was built in the 1930's and despite upgrades it has reached its used by date. 


Where is the funding coming from?

Council has attracted matched funding of $25 million from the State and Federal Governments for this project. Council will need to make a contribution of around $7.4 million with the total cost of the project estimated to be $32.4 million.


How can I stay informed?

When steps progress in the development, Council will provide updates and work with the community.  We will send out project updates via either printed, online or social media as the development progresses, and make proactive contact with directly affected stakeholders. 


Visit our Keep Updated Page to register your interest in receiving updates.



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