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18 April 2023

The $36.9 million Quipolly Water Project, aimed at securing town water supply in the Liverpool Plains, has reached a critical stage with the commencement of pressure testing on the 18.5km water main between Werris Creek and Quirindi. These tests follow on from the recent historic milestone in the project with the completion of the interconnecting pipelines which now join the water supplies of Quirindi and Werris Creek for the first time.

The pressure testing, which begins next week, is expected to take several weeks to complete and will involve subjecting the water main to high levels of pressure to ensure its integrity and resilience under normal operating conditions. This testing is an important step in ensuring the water main is safe and reliable for long-term use.

The Quipolly Water Project is a joint initiative between Liverpool Plains Shire Council, the NSW Government and the Federal Government, and includes the construction of a new water treatment plant, water storage facilities, new pipelines, and the upgrade of existing infrastructure. Once completed, it is expected to provide a secure water supply to the Liverpool Plains for many years to come.

Liverpool Plains Shire Council Mayor Councillor Doug Hawkins OAM said this is an exciting milestone, as it has connected the water supplies for Werris Creek and Quirindi for the first time.

“This pipeline allows for Council to send the water in both directions to ensure the security of water for Werris Creek and Quirindi,” he said.

“It connects our 8,000ML supply from Quipolly Dam with our bore supply in the Borambil bore fields, providing for greater security of water for Werris Creek residents.”

The Quipolly Water Project is being delivered by Council and is expected to be completed late 2023.


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