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Water Services Manager, Rod Batterham, recently addressed 70 students from Quirindi High School – at Quipolly Dam.

The students were undertaking ‘Field Work’ as part of their syllabus on Inland Water Management.

Students also participated in a Question and Answer session, asking questions including: How does water find its way to the dam?

“We are approximately 40 kilometres due West of Chaffey Dam, so we have similar rainfall events as Chaffey does for run-off, but for us the total catchment area for replenishing the dam is only around 100 square kilometres,” said Mr Batterham.

Do you get many chemical from farms?

“Dams like Quipolly are a time capsule. This dam was completed in the 1950’s and some of the farm practices of the 60’s and 70’s are now - due to dropping levels and heat - being exposed,” continued Mr Batterham.

Under the guidance of their teachers, students then turned their notes and observations into a Research Action Plan – proposing their interpretation on effective water use of the resource.

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