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Did you know LPSC conducts some 700 routine water tests per month across the entire shire, with the majority of tests undertaken from the Quipolly Dam water source? Due to the increased and extended local temperatures, LPSC staff have been busy testing water supplies, with information from the testing going towards management of current water supplies as well as future planning for the Quipolly Water Project (QWP). In regards the QWP, Water Services Manager, Rod Batterham and team have been undertaking a stringent review of the final Conditions of Tender and General Conditions of Contract for the project – to progress it towards tender. Final comments are being added into the Reference Design from council as part of the Reference Design review to establish and ensure staff have safe operability of the various components of the project. “The review will also establish, whether the current design proposal will achieve what we want it to in regard to water quality performance from the plant and pipelines, with a focus on achieving maximum outcomes within the budget,” said Rod Batterham. LPSC staff are currently ensuring that bases are covered and included in the terms of any commercial agreements. For example scheduled meetings, project insurance, payment schedules, etc are all finalised and listed in the Conditions of the Commercial Documents.

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